Years 5 and 6


Year 5

All children receive tuition in small groups on a variety of instruments. Pupils will be have learnt brass instruments in 2016-17 and will be exploring even more in 2017-18, and will develop their technique and ability through the year. Pupils are also provided with their own instruments for the year which they can take home to practise with!  They will also develop a detailed understanding of music theory and work towards taking an ABRSM theory examination, as well as general musical features and elements through listening and appraising, composition and performance tasks.

Year 6

Much of the year is based around singing, and pupils will study music including:

  • Songs from around the World
  • Opera

The second half of the year is dedicated to producing and rehearsing an  annual production. These are mini-musicals and have also included a Pantopera which is a cross between pantomimes and operas, and include lots of acting, singing and dancing. See the Year 6 Production and Pantopera page for more details!