Year 6 Productions & Pantopera

Every year, our year 6 pupils either rehearse and perform a production or take part in a large scale showcase of their work from across the whole year from the Creative Arts subjects.  In 2017, Year 6 put on the production of ‘Pirates of the Curry Bean’ at RADA Studios and in 2016, two “Pantoperas” were written. These are amusing versions of famous operas, re-written by our music team as all singing, dancing and acting pantomimes!

Pirates of the Curry Bean


Previous Pantoperas

The 2016 Pantoperas were Man On and The Marriage of Wigaro

Manon Poster-page-001.jpg

Wigaro Poster-page-001.jpg


In 2015, the pantoperas were performed in the drama studio on 19th June 2015, and they were:

  • Madam Putterfly – the story of a female golfer who is barred from competing in tournaments because of her gender. She eventually enters the most prestigious tournament in disguise; will she win the competition, gaining recognition for women golfers across the world? Watch the video here.
  • Treestan and his Boulder – the story of Treestan, the feller of the year. There is a boulder in the way of the trees he needs to clear; he and his friends are going to have to find a way of moving it – but how? Watch the video here.

In 2014, year 6 produced two hilarious pantoperas:

  • Peter Rhymes – the story of a fisherman who wants to be a rap star. You can see a video of the performance here.

Peter Rhymes

  • Percyfal – the story of a community of knights who are desperately lost without their treasured iPhone. The quest to retrieve it is undertaken by Percyfal, but in the end all of the knights realise they don’t need the iPhone anyway!