We are currently teaching the new 9-1 Edexcel (Pearson) course for Y10 and Y11. The course is divided into 3 different areas:


Pupils must prepare one solo piece and one ensemble piece, to be recorded and submitted as coursework. Students can perform using any instrument or voice, and can perform in any style. Most of the work for this aspect of the course is completed in one-to-one music lessons (given at 50% discount). Students have many opportunities to record through the GCSE course. This year, the dates are:

Year 10: Assessment 1 – 7th October 2019; Assessment 2 – 3rd February 2020; Assessment 3 – 1st June 2020.

Year 11: Assessment 1 – 4th November 2019; Assessment 2 – 2nd December 2019; Assessment 3 – 24th and 25th March 2020.


Pupils work on various compositional exercises through the course and produce two compositions for course work; recent genres in which students have worked include Minimalism, Club Dance and Folk Music.

Compositions are completed prior to the Easter holidays each year.   The first composition is a free choice, the second is based upon a composition brief given by the exam board in Year 11.

Set Work Study

Pupils study set works through the GCSE course, and knowledge and understanding of these is assessed through an examination at the end of year 11. Students learn how to analyse music in terms of the elements of music, but also look at the context of the pieces and the relevant style. Set works range from Bach to Queen, and from Wicked to Purcell.

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