Each year, the music department puts on a variety of concerts and performances, including:

  • Upper School Chamber Concert – November – a chance for all our older students to showcase their talents.
  • The Christmas Concert – December – this includes every ensemble and some solo performances.
  • Lower School Chamber Concert – February – a great opportunity to develop performance skills for our lower year groups.
  • The School Musical – April – a West End theatre is hired for a week for our whole school musical
  • GCSE Music Recital Evening – Spring Term – a collection of solo performances from our GCSE students.
  • A Level Recital Evening – Summer Term – all A Level students give solo performances.
  • Year 7 Creative Arts Showcase – Summer Term – all of year 7 perform music and drama with solo performances and ensembles, and showcasing work completed in Design and Art.
  • Year 6 Showcase – Year 6 pupils perform in their own showcase
  • The Summer Concert – June – this includes every ensemble and some solo performances